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About Us.

Creating dating experiences that singles love.

A lot singles are growing tired of dating apps and events that fail to deliver the quality of matches they desire. To that end, Tem' the Matchmaker and his company, MeetMyTypes Matchmaking (MMT), have developed an 80% proof and bias free, matchmaking algorithm called HIPA. HIPA creates romantic matches after analyzing the needs of our individual emotional natures - our 'love-types.' It then matches up compatible love-types in order of instinctive affinity and presents the top matches to the singles who attend our events. HIPA is also behind our suite of informative products which aid in relationship development. Currently HQ'd in Atlanta, Ga., it is MMT's mission to continue growing the HIPA matchmaking platform, creating significant and meaningful experiences for singles who seek better dating opportunities for themselves.

How HIPA works.

HIPA: Hormonal Imprint Personality Analysis.

HIPA is the system MMT designed to reveal your hormonal imprint (HI), which occurs at birth and determines your personality and ultimately who and how you love. This is the reason why we ask for your birth time. Now, to better explain HIPA, we have to start with hormones...



The 4 major brain hormones (neurotransmitters) that determine our core personalities are:
GABA (Stability)
Dopamine (Drive)
Acetylcholine (Creativity)
Serotonin (Satisfaction)


Every single one of us has a distinct personality type caused by the balance between the 4 major brain hormones which is unique to every individual - just like our faces or fingerprints. This 'core' personality silently drives all of our thoughts and actions.


The balance of our 4 major brain hormones occurs at birth. That balance is structured by the impact of the earths seasonal energy fields on our brains when we interact with them outside of the womb for the very first time.


Analyzing seasonal energy fields at your time of birth reveals to us your unique imprint, allowing us to know your 'core personality' and behaviors. HIPA is the key to the success of our Not So Blind Date, Love-ASAP! and Talk With Tem' services.

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