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Elite & Private


The not so blind date

You'll see and  know your date so well before you even meet!


The 'Not So Blind Date' is an elite dating and sorting process where singles apply to be selected and matched with their perfect date for a superior love-type match. A 'superior' love-type match is where two singles naturally synchronize and give each other a sense of total fulfillment on a mental, emotional, sexual and spiritual level from the very first meeting!


Creating a 'superior' match is a delicate process that requires quality controls and applicant input at all stages. Comprehensive love-type analysis and a short video interview where you tell what you 'bring to the table' are all done to ensure that nobody blindly walks into any  prearranged date. Only after these stages are successfully completed do you and your match finally get to meet - in person - at an intimate and privately hosted event.

We are currently looking for participants for our next event. If you would like to be considered get started by filling in the form below.

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