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The not so blind date

MeetMyTypes Matchmaking Atlanta

You'll see and  know your dates before you even meet!


The biggest problem with dating isn't that we don't attract people, it's the opposite! We attract or are exposed to so many singles, we don't have the mind space to filter the 'bad ones' out and to let the 'good ones' through.

This was precisely the issue facing two of my clients, so I introduced them to the 'Not So Blind Date' and it was the perfect solution for them.


Take a look...

NSBD Explanation

How does it work?

How much is this going to cost me?


When you sign up for the 'Not So Blind Date' the first thing you receive is a FREE packet containing two reports, worth $150, that analyze the way and who you love, taken from your birth information. This will be the filter we use to get you the right dates for superior relationships!

Secondly, you'll get a FREE 1 hour consultation worth $90, to go over your packet, and to give you access to a web page where you can send us anyone's birth details and we'll tell you if they're a good match for you.

Lastly, you'll be put on the 'Not So Blind Date' list (with no time limit) where we will be actively seeking  your love-types and will notify you when we have a match for you to review - and all for the low one-time forever fee of ONLY $99 - that's it!  

The $99 one-time for-ever fee is a limited time offer so apply now below and make a huge saving of over $130 before it's too late!

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