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Couples Challenge.


The reality check every couple needs.

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You're in a Relationship, But Keep Thinking...

a) Are we right for each other?

b) Will this really work?

c) Are we missing something?

d) All the above.

If this rings a bell, then you need the LOVEtells complete decision report that helps couples who are at a fork in the road.  If you are in a relationship, and believe it's time to make a decision about next steps, then LOVEtells will help you fill in the gaps during your decision-making process. The report includes a side by side personality analysis with emphasis on the parts of your nature that specifically bring you together and the parts which tear you apart. Now you can make an informed decision about the future of your long term compatibility and see what your love really tells!



"Thought the price at $119 was a bit steep, but this info helped me dodge an emotional bullet that would have cost me more in years!" 

LaTanya A. D.C.

"Makes so much sense out of complex issues. Everything looks different on paper. Helped me and wifey get back on track.

Lavar and Miesha S.


"Thought the price at $99 was steep, but it helped me dodge a bullet that would've cost way more in years!" 

LaTanya A. Washington D.C.

"All your issues look different on paper. Helped me and wifey get back on track."

Lavar and Miesha B.  Atlanta

"Definitely an eye-opener. DO NOT do if you aren't prepared to be honest with yourself."

Kiri K.  Little Rock

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