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LOVEtells: The reality check every couple needs!

LOVEtells creates power couples based on the true compatibility of their inner personalities.

Great matchmaking requires a great process and with LOVEtells,

you get the best!

Types, personalities and requirements.

MeetMyTypes Matchmaking

The LOVEtells matchmaking process is just that - it's about identifying and telling two compatible individuals what shared factors will successfully drive and maintain love between them.

Our process starts by analyzing you for your love-type. Once we know that, we also know which 4 of the 16 love-types are most compatible with you. Next we factor in your specific requirements like age, height, etc. Finally, we run a 1,728 personality point match analysis where we compare your personalities and look for high synchronicity in categories like sexual attraction, mutual success, aggression, creativity, and more. High marks in any category is where love will be strongest between both of you. We only consider introducing you to matches who average an 85% score or higher across all categories.

We talk, then you talk...

Once we find a suitable match for you, we call both of you and give you the lowdown on each other, and if that's all good, then you make first contact with them over the phone!


At this point you still haven't seen a picture of each other, but this is for good reasons; it allows you both to focus on each others personality and ability to openly communicate. Another reason is that we will have paid attention to your specific requirements in the first phase and will have someone that fits your needs. Finally, the better you talk to someone, the better they start to look to you! This is a biological fact based on how the hormones for closeness and physical attraction work together. If we get a thumbs-up from both of you after the phone call, then we'll immediately proceed to set up your first face to face!


We'll be there to get the coffees, then you take the wheel!

love long shadow icons.jpg

Coffee houses are great environments to relax and have simple, no strings conversations. We'll be there to do the intros, get you some coffees, and then leave you a little surprise...

Just to ensure that you don't run out of things to say to each other and to start the conversation in a high gear, we going to leave you with the highlights of your LOVEtells compatibility report. The highlights will show why you're so great for each other, your high compatibility scores and the joint areas where your love, if developed, can elevate you to power couple status - so you'll have plenty to talk about won't you! When you're done, you give us a call, and we'll either have another match waiting for you or you'll tell us - 'Thanks guys, my match and I have got this from here!'


What does LOVEtells have for you? Time to get matchmade and see!


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