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Life and Love Readiness Program

"Working with Tem' was best return on a coaching investment I've ever made!"

Darius Q. Atlanta, GA.

"This is more than just dating skills, I learned about my purpose and the way love needs to work for me."

Shanice M. Charlotte, NC.

I'm ready to be YOUR accountability partner!

Below is why you're ready to work with me and what we can accomplish in just six weeks.

Why You're Ready to Work With Me...

  • You've tried to improve your love  life over time with little to no improvement.
  • You're unable to stop feeling negative about dating, the opposite sex or your chances of finding love.
  • You keep attracting others who are not right for you.
  • You have  unsupportive dating patterns and habits that you just can't seem to break.
  • You don't have a healthy support system of friends that encourage your growth.
  • You want a certain type of love but don't know where or how to achieve this.
  • You want to stop dwelling on the past and move forward.
  • You're open to new perspectives, knowledge and resources on dating​.
  • You feel the time is now and you are ready to make some serious changes.
  • You've tried dating apps and going out more but are still stuck.

What You Will Achieve With Me in Just 6 Weeks...

(1-2 over the phone or in-person sessions per week with all tools

and extras thrown in for free!)

  • A reintroduction to who you are, your love-type, and the things you are doing right in love.

  • (Re)defining the requirements, needs and wants for the love that's right for you.

  • We'll identify what fulfills you in life, and how to align that with your love goals.

  • Pinpointing and modifying any unsupportive behavior, beliefs, habits and triggers that block love.

  • A real time assessment of your emotional health patterns and what you need to change NOW.

  • Learning of powerful lifestyle techniques, practices and tools that attract positive change and love.

  • Creation of your relationship/dating plan for 2019.

  • The importance of your top 4 love-types and how to spot and engage them with success.

Being 'relationship ready' means being truly prepared to take your relationship game to the next level! 

"When you're 100% happy being single, that's when you're 200% relationship ready."

Tem' the Matchmaker

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