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Singles today can find anyone they want - and quickly! But it's finding the right ones that takes time. After all, the right relationship is potentially the biggest and longest investment of your life - so finding the right ones should take effort. Effort can mean going out on countless dates with the 'wrong ones' that can be draining and make you feel like giving up - or effort can mean getting professional advice like you would with any other investment. Advice like how to be sure on what you want romantically, who you want, where to find and how to analyze them. This is what Love-ASAP! is about. Love-ASAP! is a  thorough process, yet it also speeds up results as you're wasting less time with the 'wrong ones'  as I explain below.


Step 1. Purpose  (Knowing Your Why in Love)

When you 'know your why' it means you have an understanding of 'the pattern' of why things happen in our life. This means you immediately have more control over your choices, your outcomes, and ultimately the things you need to be fulfilled and that includes the kind of love that works for you. Tem' the Matchmaker, will personally talk you through your 'WHY' report with a 1-on-1 session or call that will open your doors for relationship readiness leading to Love-ASAP!

Step 2. Alignment (of our 'Why' in love with 'Who')

There are 16 love personalities (love-types) but only 4 will have a naturally deep synchronicity with you that extends beyond your personalities and into both your lifestyle choices. Being with a love-type who has a compatible lifestyle to you is like slipping into your favorite shoe - it's comfortable, supportive and will help you travel far. Interestingly enough, it's the compatible lifestyle choices that make it easy know the social patterns of your types and where to find them, and we have the lists - so grab your coat!


Step 3. Attraction (Get noticed - the right way!)

The most efficient way to get seen and noticed as a single is on a dating app - because everyone who's looking for you is there! But there's more to it. On your profile, you also have to stay way from the generics like, "I like travel and food," and instead focus on what makes you unique. The reason is this; your love-types due to their deeper compatibility with you will be more attracted to what drives you and makes you unique - even if others think those things are weird. Also, through use of your dating card, we'll analyze anyone you give your private web link to and create compatibility reports so you can be sure you're talking to the right ones and not wasting your time. We'll continue this process until you find someone who you're happy with, but who is also your correct love-type, for that deeper and more satisfying connection.


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