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with Dating Cards


Find the best love in the most efficient way possible. 


Love-ASAP! is about you finding the love and relationship(s) you've been looking for, within 3-9 months - NO EXCUSES!

We do help you do this in 2 ways:

1) Increasing your maximum exposure to other singles and...

2) Laser guided focus on attracting only the types you want and need!


Get started for just $39.99 a month, (cancel at any time) and you'll get our Love-ASAP! bi-weekly coaching emails with the following ongoing services: 

  • Monthly alerts on best events to meet your love-types

  • Dating app picture and correct profile creation support

  • Love Readiness Coaching with dating forecasts and much, more!

  • FREE set of Dating Cards

  • Personal matchmaking service

  • Free love-type compatibility analysis for all your dates

  • Free and unlimited access to all MMT events

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