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Love-ASAP! treats finding love like the search for the ultimate career and long term investment of your life! This means from the beginning, Love-ASAP! helps you define your true love goals, needs and wants, and gives you access to the right information, tools and strategies which are all based on your personality and the unique way it loves. As a result, the time-frame most of my clients find love in is 3-9 months. This is because Love-ASAP! allows you to be patient with yourself so you give yourself more than enough time to be truly relationship ready while enjoying the process of the 3-steps to Love-ASAP! 


Step 1. Purpose  (Knowing Your Why in Love)

When you 'know your why' it means you have an understanding of 'the pattern' of why things happen in our life. This means you immediately have more control over your choices, your outcomes, and ultimately the things you need to be fulfilled and that includes the kind of love that works for you. Tem' the Matchmaker, will personally talk you through your 'WHY' report with a 1-on-1 session or call that will open your doors for relationship readiness leading to Love-ASAP!

Step 2. Alignment (of our 'Why' in love with 'Who')

There are 16 love personalities (love-types) but only 4 will have a naturally deep synchronicity with us - which leads to more fulfilling relationships. Understanding our top4 love-types and knowing where and how to identify them means we can start filtering out the unnecessary distractions and noise of dating and start exclusively focusing on the types of partners that align with the current patterns of our lives. Alignment is the secret to long term relationship building.

Step 3. Attraction (Get seen and in the right way)

The most efficient way to get seen and noticed as a single is on a dating app - because everyone who's looking for you is there! But there's more. On your profile, you also have to stay way from the generic, "I like travel and food" and instead focus your 'why'.  The reason is simple - your love-types due to their deeper compatibility with you will be more attracted to the uniqueness of your why. We will also analyze everyone you talk with compatibility reports so you can be sure you are talking to your types and not wasting your time - and we continue this process until you find who you're happy with!


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