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A Relationship Readiness Tool

Know Your Why

MeetMyTypes Matchmaking Atlanta

Knowing 'why,' connects your love to your bigger picture. 


Any love issue you've ever experienced may be caused by important patterns in your life that you're going against without realizing!

Watch the video below to see how the 'why' in your life is a set of patterns you need to align with so you can make the best choices for EVERYTHING including love.

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What will I get?

What's in 'Your Why?'


Please Note: This is a personalized eBook containing information and details relevant to only your 'why.'

What's in your personal eBook:


  • SEE your step-by-step core process from idea to action that lies at the heart of every decision you make and powers the 'why you get out of bed' each morning.

  • KNOW the purpose of your process and the path in life your process was designed for, which has major implications for the success of all your life choices i.e. dating, career, lifestyle, etc.

  • DISCOVER the parts of your personality that are there specifically to bail you out of tough situations and to also heal you

  • VIEW AND TRANSFORM lifelong challenges, like low confidence or poor intimacy into a strength once you know your big picture

Exclusively Bundled extras:

  • ONE FREE emotional balance assessment that reveals hidden emotional blind spots that may be interfering with the fulfillment of your 'why'. Value $199.95

  • ONE FREE consultation with Tem' the Matchmaker to go over personal eBook with you, answer all your questions and discuss what you do next with this powerful information. Value $75


'Your Why' eBook is yours today for only $179.99 That's a saving of nearly $100Now let us finish helping you find your 'why' today.


Purchase 'Your 'Why' now!

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