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1. How does TREO work?  The information you provided at the time of your RSVP is the most important because it is used by the MMT Team to conduct an individual personality analysis. You are then emailed 2 key pieces of information:

· Your type

· A list of 4 compatible types with accompanying questions.  

At the event, everyone will approach each other freely (all players will be wearing gold TREO wristbands) and you will ask, "Are you my type?"  If their type is 1 of the 4 on your list, you may begin asking the questions specifically created to "unmask" and entice them (watch the smiles and shocking facial expressions when you ask).  If someone really IS your type, do we really have to tell you what happens next?


Please be aware, the TREO game starts the minute you walk through the door!  You already have the email with your game instructions below, so you’re good to go the minute you arrive.  The sooner you arrive, the better, as we've seen people meet, couple up, and leave for dinner within an hour... first dates on the spot!


2. How do I know my types, so I can approach him/her?  You don’t, that's the fun part!  Which is why you will have to approach the person you're interested in and simply ask, "Are you my type?"  The good news is, if you find them attractive, they probably are and likely you are theirs!


3. How much does this event cost? The event is FREE, the photos are FREE, and the gold wristband you’ll be given at the door will get you exclusive food and drink specials that will not available to the other guests. Who loves you now? ;-)


4. Can I bring a friend/wingman to TREO?  Yes, of course, just tell them to register so they can play too!  If they just want to come and mingle, that's fine.  But here’s a warning… your chances of meeting someone when you are clumped in a group are very slim.  So, just make sure you take a break from hanging with your clique and circulate through the event.  The idea is to mingle with the other singles, play the game, and be a little adventurous... that’s what you came to do right? 


5. Do I need to wear a mask?  Of course you don't HAVE to, but we encourage bringing/wearing a masquerade mask to keep with the event theme and enhance the fun.  We even provide prop masks for free photo opportunities at the Step & Repeat.


6. What do I do if I get nervous, overwhelmed, or simply don’t know what I’m doing?  Talk to us and we’ll help you out!  You’ll recognize the TREO staff in black shirts, TREO staff badges, and gold masquerade masks.  Either way, everyone is "the hunter and the hunted," so you are all in the same situation.  Just breathe and say "hello" to someone.


7. What happens next?  You have a 4 in 5 chance (80%) of meeting someone significant at TREO, but you can’t score if you don’t mingle, talk, and unmask your types!  If you like each other, great!  Continue talking, get drinks, food, or carry on meeting your other types and circle back around to each other later.  If you don’t like each other, that's fine.  Not all of your types have to be romantic encounters.  You may find you have similarities in business or personal goals, which is still a great thing.  So, if you feel no connection at all, you can simply say, “Well, it was great meeting you!  Enjoy the game!” and keep it moving.


8. How does MMT know all this information about my type?  The personal information you provided when you RSVP’d is input into a specialized database based on HIPA.  The result is an analysis that reveals everything about who you are as an individual.  The more accurate your details, the better we are able to discern your type and the types with which you synchronize best.


9. How can I learn more about my type?  You can request a full "Relationship Resume" here and get the real, juicy, and sometimes surprising details about the real you and your dating type(s)!


10. MOST IMPORTANT TIP: Keep your phone charged and keep your Game Guide accessible!  These questions are hard to remember, so you need to be able to pull up the right questions for the right type. 

Complete your FREE TREO RSVP here!

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