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The socially seductive game for singles.


Treo is a sexy singles game where all guests are pre-analyzed for their 'love-type.'  24 hours before the game starts, everyone is sent a list of their most compatible types to find within the event. Everyone has to speak to each other to locate their types with the only clue being, "If you find them attractive, they are likely a compatible personality type." To ensure everyone acts authentic, players are also sent three type specific questions designed to, 'unmask' the outer shell of their targets and let their 'true type' shine through. Don't worry - just ask the questions and watch the smiles and shocking facial expressions when you ask.  If your target really IS your type, do we really have to tell you what happens next?

Treo levels the playing field for both shy and confident singles in one stylish game.

Average Treo crowd size:


And charge your cellphone.

In addition to accessing your search list and questions, cellphones will be needed to access 'Treo Chat,' a live chat that 'types' can use to locate each other within an overcrowded game.

"Atlanta singles have well documented dating issues but this is probably the first real solution I've witnessed."

- Rezell Simmons, NYCE Entertainment News

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