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Relationship Goals.

30-Day Relationship  Goal Tracker.

What are you doing for the next 30 days?

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You know those days when you wake up feeling great or moody for no real reason? Well, seasonal energy patterns! Energy patterns evolve daily and affect everything, from the weather to plants, and all animal behavior, including yours! Now you can track all your behavior patterns, including drive, optimism, emotions and much more as they pertain to your relationship goals for the next 30 or 90 days!

Utilizing the same HIPA system used to analyze and match personalities, the Tracker takes it a step further by analyzing the pattern of micro changes that occur within our personalities on a day-to-day basis. Available in 30-day and 90-day formats, your tracker will contain the following:

  • Mood modulation table with helpful tips to balance extreme high or low moods.

  • A detailed, color-coded 30-day graph of your mood influences.

  • Daily mood briefing with 'important' days highlighted.

  • SWOT strategy analysis to help move you closer to achieving your relationship goals.

 You'll finally start to understand your pattern of moods and urges, allowing you to take the right action at the right moment.


Start Tracking.

"We have mood swings and urges for a reason. This tracker gives you a context so you can use your feelings to move forward and achieve goals."

- Tem'Ti Sahu Ra, CEO MeetMyTypes Matchmaking

MeetMyTyps Matchmaking Relationship Goals
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