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Who are my Top 4 types?

Know Your

Top 4 love-types.

Recognize and engage your top 4 love-types with success.

Top Four sample pages.



So, you're talking and picking up a real strong vibe from an attractive woman or man at the job, class, social event, etc. and strongly feel that they're your type, but you have no real way of knowing - that is until now!  


There are a lot of advantages to having a partner who is the from your top 4 love-types. You have an instinctive understanding of each other’s thinking and ways of doing things. You are likely to have similar priorities and share compatible values that will make you both get along uncommonly well in the way you always thought relationships were supposed to work! 

This eBook will tell you who those 4 types are, why they are good for you, how you naturally counterbalance each other's weaknesses and finally how to spot your 4 most compatible types in the wild - happy hunting!


Get My Top 4 Love-Types.

"A pairing with a top 4 love-type is noticeably more rewarding than a non top 4 combo. It won't even feel like you're trying. The key is to remain authentic and the relationship will naturally refresh itself each day." 

- Tem'Ti Sahu Ra, CEO MMT Matchmaking

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