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Who are my Top 4 types?

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Learn how singles are using our eBook to find better dates and change the way they see relationships.


MMT’s research on my top-4 romantic types has made a significant difference to the way I look at relationships. My interest in having one has been renewed now that I understand the benefits of being with my one of my top 4 love-types which is pretty remarkable!
Katrina S. Detroit
I always found it challenging, knowing what to say or ask when a approaching a girl but, ‘Know Your Top4 Love-Types’ explained everything. I could see I have approaching the wrong types, which was killing my confidence, but now this eBook has confirmed what I really want and now I know exactly how to get it.
Ricardo P. L.A.
When it comes to dating and matchmaking there are loads of commentators that talk a good game, but MeetMyTypes will help you make it happen. Know Your Top 4 Love-Types is engaging for smart singles. It’s a dating industry game changer and has already started bringing me new dating results.

Leslie K. Atlanta
I was skeptical to get this eBook, but it was highly recommended by a co-worker who had bought, but it has helped me helped to recognize my poor dating habits and why I could never stop thinking of a certain girl that it turns out was my type all along and was sitting under my nose all this time!

Miles B. Alpharetta
I bought “Know Your Top 4 Love-Types” to help find my one… But I got vastly more. I learned I have more than one type. I learned the formulas to engage my types that I can apply in various social situations and also learned what my types are looking to help me better understand my own value.

Sionne W. Ft. Smith
The price tag of ‘Know Your Top 4 Love-Types’ was definitely reasonable and it covers a lot of easy to absorb information. I didn’t just learn “how” to engage the types – “what” and “why” also became much clearer. I was able to get more successful and fulfilling dates than I was getting before.

Donte R. New Orleans

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