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Who are my Top 4 types?

Start picking the right types for the way you love!

Get the eBook that helps you quickly find and recognize the best love-types for your personality.

There are 16 Love-Types But Only 4 Will Give You Naturally Superior Relationships! 

MeetMyTypes Matchmaking

The 16 love-types fall into the following categories:

'NEVER Again' types: Intriguingly attractive opposites that soon make us realize, opposite = "You do not get me, period!"

'Meh' types: Cute, but not enough in common to stop us from looking at our watch and thinking, "Are we there yet?"

'Why Not?' types: Look great on paper, get on well, we take nice pics together, (shrugs shoulders) "Let's get married... I guess."

'TOP-4' types: Who we want because they're different, but very relatable, which makes us say, "Wow!" every morning! 

Learn about your top-4 types.

Every love-type has core behavioral patterns that act like a signature and will be easily noticeable if you observe or engage with that type for long enough. 

Here’s what you will learn from your eBook:

  • Your type, your top-4 and how to observe them.

  • Where to typically find your types hanging out.

  • What to do or say to engage them

  • First date ideas for your types.

  • How to get your top-4 types to fall for you.

  • What to do once you're in a relationship with each of your top-4 types. 

  • And much more…

MeetMyTypes Matchmaking
MeetMyTypes Matchmaking

Experience relationships like never before. 

When we think about the perfect partner, we are actually visualizing someone from our top-4 types who fulfills all our needs without us prompting them! Needs that allow us to...

  • Benefit from each others differences and diverse perspectives.

  • Clearly understand each others motives from the beginning.

  • Eliminate silly arguments and misunderstandings.

  • Be in a relationship where your true worth is valued.

  • Truly grow as individuals without growing apart.

  • Experience the freedom from having a mate as a best friend.

Then there's our 30 day money back guarantee!

If you use this eBook to identify 3 people you think are your type, then send us their information for confirmation and if none of them are in your top-4, then you'll get your money back, GUARANTEED!

MeetMyTypes Matchmaking

Our analysis of your love-type is on point!

We held a singles event and gave every one who came a 'resume,' that revealed and described their love-type. We then matched them up with each other just to see what would happen.

Judge their post-event reactions for yourself!


Ready to purchase your eBook and meet your top 4 love-types?


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