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We're looking to match 50 ATL area singles. Are you one of them?



Tem' the Matchmaker wants to match 50 Atlanta area singles who see personal growth - both inner and outer - plus fulfillment of purpose, as top priorities in their next relationship. If this is you, Tem' and others are  looking for you!​

about tantric dating

We’re excited to share details of our new service with you and hope you’ll decide to become a part of it after you've learned a little about what it is.

So, let’s start from the beginning….

Q. What is Tantric Dating from MeetMyTypes?

A. The word ‘Tantric’ literally means ‘to join together’ on a spiritual or emotionally deeper level – and dating means, well… dating! So, Tantric Dating is about dating people with whom you can form deeper connections with.

Q. How do I know if Tantric Dating is for me?

A. Tantric Dating is for you if you are into personal development or ‘inner work’ and you’re seeking authentic relationships that won’t interfere with, but will actually enhance and even fulfill the personal development of both you and your partner.



Q. How do you intend to set me up on Tantric Dates?

A. First, we would like to get to know a little about you, like what you’re looking for romantically and also your personal philosophies, self-improvement lifestyle, daily practices, etc. If your selected as one of Tantric dating candidates, (and when there’s enough potential matches) you would pass onto the next stage where we build you a 5D dating profile that would only be seen by your potential matches.

Once you and a potential match review each other’s 5D profiles and mutually choose each other, we would then ask both of you how you'd like to establish first contact and then we would make the arrangements.


Q. What is a 5D dating profile?

A. 5D dating profiles are personal profiles we put together for you on a secure webpage that showcase your personality in 5 dimensions: images, sound, video, story and lifestyle.

5D profiles offer a way of you and your matches getting to see and know as much as you can about each other, but leaving enough out so that you're still excited to go on a date and learn more. 

5D profiles are designed to show off your value as a person and the gifts you possess - NOT what you want to take or have someone do for you. If everyone sees what everyone's got from the beginning and you both see value in it, then you can pick each other and both win. Every person you're matched with will have something to offer and will be able to demonstrate it for you.


Q. Why are you looking for 50 singles in Atlanta?

A. Before we start any matching, we need to fill up our database with enough strong and eligible candidates for you to choose from. Not everyone who applies for Tantric Dating will be accepted, so it will probably take a month or two to reach 50.

But you can speed up this process by following @meetmytypes and sharing our posts about Tantric Dating to anyone one or group of people who may be interested in what we are doing.

Please note – we are professionally adept at spotting fakes, ‘hoteps,’ sociopaths and emotionally broken people who have no discernable personal development practice or do not authentically practice what they say they’re about. They will not be participating. Period.


Q. How much does it cost to sign up?

A. Nothing. Sign up is free. You only pay a ‘match fee’ when both you and your match are excited about each other’s 5D profile and desire to meet each other. At that point you would both pay a match fee of only $149, which is great as you’d be happy with the work already done and have seen and know the value of your match and exactly what you’re paying for!

Q. How do I sign up?

A. Fill out the form below so we can get a few details and start the process of seeing if Tantric Dating from MeetMyTypes is a good fit for you!

Good Luck!

Tem’ the Matchmaker

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