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Ultimate Matchmaker+


The 3-in-1 tool that helps you focus on meeting your types!


Why would you spend time, money and effort to meet and date people who aren’t your compatible types? There’s nothing 100% guaranteed when it comes to dating but the alternative isn’t shooting in the dark or spinning a bottle! The alternative is FOCUS. Focusing on your types means taking aim to increase your chances of meeting singles who are ACTUALLY compatible with you and WILL RECIPROCATE – sounds good doesn’t it!


So let’s get started on what you should be focusing on and check out the 3 tools below that will ensure you start in the right direction with the best aim.

Ultimate matchmaker+ suite.

Tool #1. Direction

This tool known as the, ‘relationship resume’ describes the parameters of your ‘love type.’ Your ‘love-type’ is a specific group of behaviors that are 'imprinted' on you at birth by the four major behavior hormones or H.I.

These behaviors stay with us for life and shape the pattern of who, what, how and why, when it comes to our love and relationships. Past choices will now be understood with clarity and direction gained for future ones.

Ultimate matchmaker+ suite.

Tool #2. Aim

There are 16 love-types but only 4 will give you the naturally superior 

relationships you need. This is down to the behavior patterns of your top-4 types being  highly synchronous with you - meaning, what you want aligns

perfectly with what they want! This tool breaks down how to aim for them, including where they like to hangout, conversational openers,  their love triggers, dislikes, 1st date choices, and more to set up the perfect situation!

Ultimate matchmaker+ suite.

Tool #3. Focus

Like a camera lens, after we've achieved direction and aim, then we to focus on a point - the point of our relationships - which is to help us 'be our best.'  Anything less and we'll  unconsciously check out by nature as

we're all instinctively programmed to avoid what doesn't fulfill. So it's vital to know what to focus on when it comes to feeling fulfilled and valued with our types to ensure we have the best dating and relationship experiences possible. 

Optional paid add-ons (available after tool purchase)

Video email, 1-on-1, Personal Matchmaker.

Addons for the Ultimate matchmaker+ suite include a video email response where Tem' the Matchmaker answers up to 5 questions regarding your suite tools. The second add-on is one-on-one  'relationship readiness' consultation 

that covers general questions, using your tools, dating skills, purpose and more. The final add-on is where Tem' is your personal matchmaker and presents you vetted matches (when available) from his private client list. 

Much Luv!

Tem'the Matchmaker

What current clients are saying...

Arianna, S/W Developer

Great experience working with Tem' the Matchmaker. All the types I met have been great. This is more than just matchmaking though. Tem'  helps you to look at yourself and understand what you want.

Howard, Real Estate Investor

I was one of the first couples Tem' put together in 2016 and I'm still happily in love. I would never have said I'm a believer in paying for matchmaking and love-types, but here I am 2 years later, and happy I did it!

Renee, Corporate Recruiter

In an emotional situation, it's hard to think straight and friends may not have the experience you seek. That's the situation I've been in so I talk to Tem' to maintain a perspective to make better dating choices.

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