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MeetMyTypes Matchmaking Atlanta

3-in-1 Love pack.

The 3-in-1 Love pack that helps you focus on meeting your types!


Not everyone needs to spend $1000’s on a matchmaker to find love or help in finding love, but EVERYONE needs help in:

  • Defining their true love-type

  • Focusing on what and who they are seeking in love

  • Clarifying overall love goals to be in line with life purpose

Enter the ‘3-in-1 Relationship Self Help Tool!’ 


How it works:  We analyze your personality by asking you 3 questions below, and from your answers we create 3 custom reports which provide all of the critical information you need to make the right decisions for yourself in love. Scroll down to see how getting the superior self-help information from our new 3-in-1 tool will help bring you closer to achieving the love that you desire and deserve!

3-in-1 Love pack

Tool #1. Your True Self 

This tool known as the, ‘relationship resume’ describes the parameters of your ‘love type.’ Your ‘love-type’ is a specific group of behaviors that are 'imprinted' on you at birth by the four major behavior hormones or H.I.

These behaviors stay with us for life and shape the pattern of who, what, how and why, when it comes to our love and relationships. Past choices will now be understood with clarity and direction gained for future ones.


3-in-1 Love pack

Tool #2. What you seek

There are 16 love-types but only 4 will give you the naturally superior 

relationships you need. This is down to the behavior patterns of your top-4 types being  highly synchronous with you - meaning, what you want aligns

perfectly with what they want! This tool breaks down how to aim for them, including where they like to hangout, conversational openers,  their love triggers, dislikes, 1st date choices, and more to set up the perfect situation!


3-in-1 Love pack

Tool #3. Your love goals

Like a camera lens, after we've achieved direction and aim, then we to focus on a point - the point of our relationships - which is to help us 'be our best.'  Anything less and we'll  unconsciously check out by nature as

we're all instinctively programmed to avoid what doesn't fulfill. So it's vital to know what to focus on when it comes to feeling fulfilled and valued with our types to ensure we have the best dating and relationship experiences possible. 

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