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What's Our Compatibility?

LOVEtells: The reality check every couple needs!

LOVEtells helps couples understand the true compatibility of their inner personalities.

For enduring success, couples need to understand the true what and why behind their relationship. 

You're starting or in a relationship, then you think...

MeetMyTypes Matchmaking

a) Are we right for each other?
b) Will this really work?
c) Are we missing something?
d) All the above.

Asking ourselves these types of  questions doesn't mean the relationship is doomed or we should avoid it, but it does mean we need some kind of additional information to feel confident about our love decisions. The LOVEtells couples compatibility report fills in that information gap by providing a full objective analysis on you and your special one's love-types so you can build on the parts that make you an unbeatable team together and learn to manage the parts that potentially tear the two of you apart and kill your chances of long term compatibility.

Being high on love feels great, but there's still plenty of relationship to navigate once the high is over (and it will be over!) 

Here’s how LOVEtells will prepare you for the real love work that your love-type combination requires:

Keep flying high, even after the honeymoon.

  • Know each others love language and the 'type triggers' to avoid.

  • Learn what your optimal situation should look like.

  • Understand what makes and breaks you as a couple.

  • Understand the true impact you will have on specific parts of each others personality.

  • See what your joint purpose in life is.

  • With full color graphs, stats and more...

MeetMyTypes Matchmaking
MeetMyTypes Matchmaking

Enjoy the love that keeps on gifting. 

Stability is key to any relationship. Once a foundation is established, based on your LOVEtells information, then the fun really begins where you start to make love look easy as well as:

  • Never losing that 'dating feeling' between each other.

  • Comfortable with making life changing decisions  together.

  • Never giving each other problems with personal freedoms.

  • No issues trusting or emotionally investing in each other.

  • The easing of any fears of commitment.

  • Peace of mind from doing your due diligence of love.

Since launching LOVEtells in 2017 it has been used by over 100 couples!

Below is what a few of them had to say.

"Thought the price was reasonable, and it helped me dodge a bullet that would've cost way more in years!" 

LaTanya A. Washington D.C.

"All your issues look different on paper. Helped me and wifey get back on track."

Lavar and Miesha B.  Atlanta

"What a needed eye-opener! DO NOT do if you aren't prepared to be honest with yourself or significant other, but it will be worth it just to uncover the real root of your issues."

MeetMyTypes Matchmaking

Kiri K.  Little Rock


Time to 'get real' with your love decisions. Time to get LOVEtells.



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