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Below you will find a summary of the steps you will take during your experience with LOVE tells...

1. HIPA Compatibility Report.

It is a fact that when asked about themselves, most people will give information on just 10% of their personality, aka "their representative," rather than who they really are. Our personality analysis tool, HIPA (Hormonal Imprint Personality Analysis), bypasses the representative by analyzing the hormonal imprint (HI) patterns which form your core personality at birth. Comparing the HI of two individuals allows us to see the majority 90% of who you really are, thus allowing us to assess how you both "click." All of this information will be in your HIPA compatibility report (shown at right), which we'll be sharing and discussing with you during the webisode recording... and just to give you a small taste of what to expect, click below to see your individual HIPA generated personality resumes... enjoy!

2. Scheduling Your Webisode.

As you are based in Atlanta, we will film the webisode with both of you in person at a location in the local Atlanta area. Please complete the release form below and choose 2 dates within our webisode recording window.

3. Have Fun and Learn each Other!

We want you to be relaxed, and open to receiving what we believe to be the best matchmaking analysis on the planet! As mentioned before, your webisode will be pre-recorded and edited, so we won't have the pressure of live streaming or have to worry about making mistakes. 

In our opinion, there is no such thing as a bad couple - only a lack of preparedness and unrealistic expectations. We aim for you to walk away with a solution to these issues, so that whatever decision you make will be one that is best for both of you.

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