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Tem' the Filmmaker

Cinematographer, Storyteller, Content Creator
I tell the stories of people like myself - artists, influencers, startups, small business owners, etc. as I know the feeling of life being on the line for what you believe in, the sacrifices you make and drive to fulfill and deliver what you were born to do.

Your stories need to be told a certain way, because you want people to care - and I can help you do this - in a sensitive, authentic and LOUDER way. 

Even with a small budget, big results are delivered! Whether you need a single video, an ongoing production, I'll help you find the essence of your story and reach your goals. The Etherworx process includes shooting, field production, interviews, scripting, editing, and revisions.

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We can follow your daily routines or go behind the scenes on your latest project to let people know why it's so important to you and them.

We'll help you tell the story of your event, new business, service or product launch - or get others to tell it for you with professional testimonials and reviews.

We can help you write and create short videos that tell stories to connect old and new clients to your passion, product or cause!