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1. What exactly IS Classic?
2. Who attends Classic?
3. How much time do I need to spend with each match?
4. What if there isn’t anyone at the event I am interested in?
5. I want to attend, but I’m nervous. Do you have any tips for first-timers?

Q) What exactly IS Classic?

A) Classic is the original signature event that purposely matches actual personalities, not random strangers, on-site! The process involves the customized “Relationship Resumes” and a scoring system, which supports and boosts educated conversations and partnerships. It is also the perfect environment for on-site matchmaking consultations. The follow-up (within 48 hours) includes discussing the scores, swapping contact information, and arranging dates for interested participants.
This is the purpose of Classic… to bring multiple singles together on a more significant and discriminate playing field.


Q) Who Attends Classic?


A) All types of people may attend Classic. Those who have are intelligent professionals who have just not yet found that special someone. Most are busy professionals who have not had the time or opportunity to meet many singles. Our attendees are motivated and willing to put themselves out there to meet others who are doing the same. The Classic event sets a relaxed, social tone, bringing single people together in hopes they will find exactly what they want and need.
All of our events are setup to help you quickly eliminate those you are not interested in so that you can focus on those with whom you share an interest and natural connection.


Q) How much time do I need to spend with each match?

A) This is NOT a speed dating event. In general, we don’t tell you how much time you should spend with someone. If the connection is there, you may not want to leave. However, we HAVE found that most people feel they know in just a few minutes whether they’d like to get to know someone better. So, of course, we don’t want to leave you “stranded” with someone if you would like to move on.
We have tried different time increments, but have found that 10 minutes works best. Even though you may know in five, the additional time allows you to challenge your own prejudices, biased thinking, and preconceptions. This is automatic, because after the initial five minutes, you will likely become settled enough to pay attention to their presence – how they act, feel, move, look, smell, etc. - all in real time. If you really hit it off with someone and want to talk longer, stay when the event is over and mingle at the free-for-all part afterwards.


Q) What if there isn’t anyone at the event that I am interested in?

A) As confident as we are in the MMT Matchmaking system, we know that it’s possible not everyone will match perfectly. We do not want you to feel disappointed in our services, so please do let us know if you were not interested in any of your matches and did not enjoy yourself. We learn from every one of our participants, so we will gladly walk through your Relationship Resume and the scores of those you met, to work with you personally and find out what was missing, next steps, and a solution.

Q) I want to attend, but I’m nervous. Do you have any tips for first-timers?

A) It is perfectly acceptable to be nervous and feel awkward. The Classic event is real: intimate encounters with singles that have been predetermined to be your type(s).The good news is you’re all there for the same reason. Our Classic attendees are professional, mature singles who have taken responsibility for their dating life, which they take seriously, and want to focus on prospects that bring value and substance. If you find yourself truly feeling uncomfortable, we have fantastic hosts who are readily available to assist you, and our events are structured in such a manner that you will always know what’s going on. 

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