An evening of classy encounters.


'Classic,' is our intimate, signature matchmaking event where each attendee gets four to six mini-dates with their most compatible, pre-analyzed 'types.'  To enhance the conversation even more, we issue mini reports on your type's 'love personality,' (relationship resumes) that are great conversation starters and provide authentic insights on your date. A secret scorecard system is used to rate each date. If two singles rate each other highly, we inform them of their mutual score the next morning and send them gift cards so they can grab a coffee together!

'Classic,' delivers the real social connection that's missing from dating apps. 

Successful match-up rate:




Classic is currently only available in Atlanta, but will be introduced to additional cities in Fall 2018.

"Classic has been a hit with more serious minded singles who were screaming for an alternative to e-dating chaos."

- Tem'Ti Sahu Ra, CEO MeetMyTypes Matchmaking

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