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3 Month Matchmaker Terms and Conditions of Service

Last revised on April 30, 2017



For 3 months, your personal matchmaker will search for and analyze dozens of profiles. Out of the primary profiles that meet your matching criteria, we pull the two most compatible. A side by side "Love Type" analysis of you and your 1st Primary match will be created and emailed to both of you. You each will have 2 weeks to review and accept/decline the match.


If you both accept, we exchange your contact information. If either of you decline, the process is repeated with the 2nd matching profile. Only two matches are provided per month and billing stops when we have sent you a match that satisfies you.

We use the HIPA (Hormonal Imprint Personality Analysis) system which allows us to determine a person's "core personality type." This analysis measures seasonal, magnetic variances, their effect on neural activity, and hormonal imprint baselines at the time of one's birth.
This is a totally objective, questionnaire-free process which allows us to create authentic and fully transparent profiles of one’s true personality, which can be used for life analysis or matchmaking purposes.

The service is just $49.99 per month for 3 months. It can be canceled at anytime without penalty or fee, or cancels automatically once you have met a satisfactory match. It can be restarted at any time.
If we fail to provide you with at least 1 primary match in the 3 month period, you will be given free admission to an MMT Signature event as well as a $50 voucher for any of our products/services.  

Introducing new members to the service will also earn you a $25.00 new member referral credit that will be applied the following month to your account.

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